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CCF provides leadership and resources for city-wide policy initiatives and projects relating to public health, fiscal and business tax policy, mobility, housing, and much more. There are projects waiting in the wings right now and CCF will work with the Culver City business, nonprofit, philanthropic, educational, residential and civic communities to complete the work.

Culver City’s business leaders have significant investment in the city and must remain actively engaged to help shape policies and programs that benefit all of the city’s stakeholders. By pooling financial resources across Culver City’s major corporate stakeholders, CCF is uniquely positioned to address the important issues affecting Culver City and make impactful change.

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Culver City Bounce Forward

“THERE ARE IN history what you could call ‘plastic hours,’” the philosopher Gershom Scholem once said. “Namely, crucial moments when it is possible to act. If you move then, something happens.” In such moments, an ossified social order suddenly turns pliable, prolonged stasis gives way to motion, and people dare to hope. Plastic hours are rare. They require the right alignment of public opinion, political power, and events—usually a crisis. They depend on social mobilization and leadership. They can come and go unnoticed or wasted. Nothing happens unless you move.”
George Packer, The Atlantic

At this moment of crisis, Culver City has the opportunity to set the stage for a major leap forward as a city and a community. Before the Covid-19 virus brought the world to its knees, the city was engaged in tremendous growth, but also faced the extreme challenges that sudden growth brings with it. An independent city at the heart of the LA metropolis, Culver City still benefits from the advantages of a small, nimble, adaptive, flexible and innovative community. Culver City Bounce Forward is taking these advantages, and through research, analysis and planning, helping to prepare the city to leap back into action and growth.

Focused directly on actionable recommendations and implementation, Culver City Forward (CCF) and the RAND Pardee Center (RPC), with financial support from Redcar Properties, are collaborating to develop a plan to help Culver City navigate the first six months (and the rest) of 2021 so that it can bounce forward from the COVID-19 pandemic to best meet its long-term goals. The objective is to foster a community collaboration across all sectors of the city that will focus on actions that the city government, businesses, and community can undertake in 2021 to help the achieve the goals articulated in the ongoing General Plan Update.

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