Culver City Forward

Bringing Together Leaders to Strengthen Culver City

CCF was formed as a public-private partnership to bring together leaders from the Culver City business, government, educational, philanthropic, and community groups to provide a non-partisan and fact-based platform to strengthen Culver City’s economy, support the local workforce, and meet the diverse needs of the business, civic, and community stakeholders.

Our Work
Corporate Stakeholders that Call Culver City Home

Culver City is a unique and vibrant city with an identity all its own. It is a wonderful place in which to live and work and is undergoing tremendous growth. But with its growth comes challenges.

Traffic Gridlock
Housing Crisis
Aging Infrastructure
FIscal Needs

With the participation of city, business, and community leaders, CCF will:

(1) Provide fact-based research and sensible policy solutions to assist the city in resolving these challenges; and (2) help implement changes to enhance the quality of life for business stakeholders, residents, and the community at large.

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