How can the Culver City business community respond most effectively to COVID-19?

Most immediately, CCF is working with community leaders to help alleviate the impact of COVID-19 in the Culver City community. In coordination with local and state government leaders, CCF is developing initiatives and strategies to help families, first responders, small businesses, and other vulnerable residents who may be suffering during this time. By consolidating funds from Culver City major corporate stakeholders, CCF provides a mechanism for more impactful giving during this public health crisis.

Specifically, CCF anticipates:

  • Providing resources to community centers, schools, and individuals in need.
  • Developing policy initiatives and strategies to support Culver City’s small business community so that the businesses and their employees weather this storm and come back stronger.
  • Working with thought leaders and a global policy think tank to develop community resilience frameworks, identify crisis management best practices, and facilitate critical planning efforts.
  • Creating a small business task force to help local businesses understand and take advantage of government benefits programs.

We can make a much greater impact together than individually.

  • Public Health Support (e.g., support local efforts to provide COVID-19 testing to underserved communities)
  • Humanitarian Relief (e.g., provide food, water, and other supplies and resources to those in need)
  • Economic Recovery (e.g., provide corporate leadership and resources to support and sustain local businesses)